Hurricane formations could affect Sinaloa


The SMN reported that a low-pressure channel will also be located off the coast of the state

An area of ​​instability with 70% cyclonic formation in the next five days would be forming as a hurricane this week, leaving heavy rains in the southern and central area of ​​the state of Sinaloa.

This will also cause light to heavy rains in the north of the state for next Sunday, the National Meteorological Service under the National Water Commission reported.

Likewise, he informed that a low-pressure channel will be located off the coast of Sinaloa, leading to heavy rains and occasional rains accompanied by lightning as well as possible hailstorms over the aforementioned regions. 

These phenomena would be leaving an accumulated rainfall from 60 millimeters to 80 cubic meters; however, there could also be areas where 150 millimeters of rain are reached. 

In the north, temperatures above 35 degrees will be maintained, so it is recommended to use sunscreen to prevent skin diseases.

Source: conagua, el debate

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