AMLO Government to raise international flight tax 91%


The Presidency of the Republic goes for a higher charge to travelers when leaving the country

The Presidency of the Republic proposed to the Chamber of Deputies to increase the quota for the provision of “ immigration services at airports ” charged by airlines to passengers on international flights from the country.

As part of the Economic Package 2020, the federal Executive seeks the modification of article 12 of the Federal Law of Rights (LFD) so that the quota goes from 77.91 pesos to 149.02 pesos, an increase of 71.10 pesos.

The adjustment of the quota of the Migration Services Law that arises reflects the cost that the authority represents to satisfy the needs of operation, considering migration is a worldwide phenomenon of national interest, which is attended with adherence to human rights ” , It reads in the explanatory statement.

The LFD establishes that in the case of passengers leaving the country by air, the fee must be collected by the airlines and that they must find out the payment by means of a declaration that will be presented to the SAT.

“ The increase in the quota proposed in Article 12 of the LFD is characterized by directly addressing the cost that the National Institute of Migration represents the provision of the service, in terms of its coverage, quality and demand, ” justifies the initiative.

According to AICM figures, from January to August 2019, 5 million 954 thousand 265 passengers were registered on international departures, so 463.8 million pesos were collected; With the proposed increase for 2020, with the same number of passengers, 887.3 million pesos will be obtained.

With the increase ” it will be possible to efficiently attend each procedure, improve the technological mechanisms of immigration control, expedite the departures of passengers leaving our country on international flights and, consequently, strengthen national security. “

The increase in the fee would not take effect on January 1, 2020, a period of 90 days is planned for airlines to adapt to.

“ With the intention that this variation in the quota of the right does not affect the collection inertia with the international passenger air companies and with the objective of continuing to facilitate the migratory flows, it is proposed to add a transitory provision that establishes that the modification to article 12 of the Federal Law of Rights will enter into force as of April 1, 2020, so that international passenger air transport companies – who are obliged to collect and pay all such rights – are able to carry it out properly ” , says the Executive.

Source: heraldo de mexico

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