“We are fed up with you”, the hard message that Chumel sent to AMLO


He criticized even the ‘morning’ conferences 

Almost a year after the elections that gave Andrés Manuel López Obrador the triumph, the influencer Chumel Torres told the president what he thinks of his government.

The YouTuber said “fed up” of the differences and lack of action of the current administration and even said there are items in which the situation “is worse than ever.”

He has already been throwing shit at each other, we are fed up with you (…) Stop fighting, you are no longer a candidate, there is no need to talk, you have to do actions,” said Chumel

Torres also said that “it is demotivating” that in the government “it is always someone else’s fault” and criticized the morning conferences: “There are too many morning conferences and very few things finished,” he said.

Chumel said that the areas of culture and science are at their worst and asked the president to propose solutions and “chambear” GET TO WORK
“We remain the same, little worse. You can’t believe that art, culture, and science are worse than ever. Do not have other data, have solutions (…) Chambea, it is the only thing I ask you for ”,

What do you think of his words?

Source: quinto-poder.mx

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