TAR Airlines will connect Querétaro with Mazatlan


The Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa Óscar Pérez Barros unveils the new flight

  • It also reveals that for the winter season there will be three new direct flights from Canada, with Sunwing, and two more with Westjet
Oscar Pérez Barros TAR Flight Querétaro Maztalán 2019

The Secretary of Tourism Óscar Pérez Barros, after announcing the opening of a new flight next October with the airline TAR, to unite Mazatlan with Querétaro, said that the conversations to connect the Bajío area with Sinaloa.

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In an interview, the head of the Sectur said that in the matter of air connectivity we have good news, such as that new flight to an area with which we were not united and that now, every Thursday and Sunday will be having connections.

“We are working to connect with the Bajío, which is a great area of ​​opportunities for all of Sinaloa, we are on the right track, it is one of the efforts that have been made with the airlines and we will continue to reap these kinds of things to obtain a greater number of seats, ”he said.

He also announced that for the winter season there will be three new direct flights from Canada, with Sunwing, and two more with Westjet; “We are the State where more Canadian airlines arrive, which allows us to grow in the number of seats, and we will continue working to get more,” he said.
Pérez Barros commented at the same time that in Sinaloa there is a favorable trend in terms of tourist arrivals, since Holy Week, to the end summer season, there was substantial growth, compared to 2018.

He also explained that we continue to collaborate hand in hand with all the municipalities, Magical Towns and Pueblos Señoriales, which are the great complements of the main destinations of Sinaloa; There is a wide tourist offer and that is when civil society agrees with the authorities, favorable results are achieved.

“They have realized the importance that tourism generates, the growth that it brings with it, that is why, following the instructions of the State Governor, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, we carry out training tasks for tourism service providers, so that they have more and better tools with which they will offer a better attention to the tourist and these, when receiving good treatment will leave happy and they will also become our promoters ”, he pointed out.

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