Pollos Maz, the best firewood roasted chicken in Mazatlan


* A different flavor
* Quality chickens

With 40 years of experience in the market, roasted chickens in the firewood of Pollos Maz is the best option to eat.

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Paúl Aguilar Medina, owner of the rosticería stressed that making them firewood is what gives them a different flavor.

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“The wood smokes it, that smoked gives a different flavor apart that our chickens are of the best quality, they are not fed only with purine they are also given grain.”

The chickens are seasoned with salt so that the natural flavor is maintained, the average cooking time is three hours leaving, as a result, golden skin on the outside and juicy and tender meat inside.

“The chicken is cleaned and put on the rod, the oven is prepared and the cooking of the chicken lasts about three hours, it could be said that it is simmered, so that’s why that special golden brown is left.”

This delight can be accompanied by tortillas and salsa although you can also buy the complements such as rice pudding, rice, pasta soup, fresh salads rich waters and homemade fries that are traditional of Pollo Maz.

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