Mazatlan street closures for the “National Holidays”; Take precautions


* From Saturday a part of the center

* Monday, the Malecon by parade

For the “Fiestas Patrias”, the Transit Department has already closed some streets adjacent to the Municipal Palace where the evening and night of Sunday, September 15 will be held a verbena and the ceremony of the “Scream” of Independence by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres. This, so that people who come to the city center, their precautions.

In the interview, the commander of this corporation, Francisco Guerra, said that since yesterday Angel Flores Street was closed, from May 5 to Benito Juarez. For tomorrow, Saturday, dawn is closed by Angel Flores from Belisario Domínguez to the Aquiles Serdán.

Thus, the truck route that passes through Benito Juárez takes Teniente Azueta Street and returns to Leandro Valle to its normal route. He said that after seeing the “Scream” and the musical show on Sunday, the streets will be reopened to vehicular traffic.

Perhaps a section of Benito Juarez Street, in front of the Municipal Palace, remains closed to remove the very large temple and several trailers are occupied to load the equipment.

Regarding the military civic stop of the Monday parade on the Malecon, Commander Guerra said that in the early hours of Monday a part of Gutiérrez Nájera Street, the Malecon will be closed to University Avenue, thereby the Aquarium.

He also said that a part of the Claussen Promenade will be closed to accommodate the vehicles of the Army and Navy contingents, in addition to other dependencies and groups that will participate in the parade and perhaps at the edge of eleven in the morning already have Malecon released.

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