Bombing clouds so it rains more in Sinaloa


In addition to the normal rains of the season, the cloud stimulation system is applied so that more waterfalls to the dams, said national program coordinator Alejandro Gastelum

The rain stimulation program has been started for 13 days, mainly increasing rainfall in the vessels of the dams in the state center, said Alejandro González Gastélum Bon Bustamante.

He said that the torrential downpours that have fallen on the city are not caused by this system since the bombardment of clouds has been in the mountain area.

“When deciding to plant a cloud we are taking into consideration the path that it takes and if it is not going to precipitate in the objective area of ​​us, which are the mountains and dams, we do not sow them, then we are monitoring the path that the clouds carry”, he asserted.

On the certainty that the cloud injected with the material to cause the rain does not go elsewhere with the wind and that it falls in the valley, the coordinator of the Rain Stimulation program, explained the function of the Doppler radar that is It is for the greater certainty of the pilots and they release the flares at the right time.

“With the radar it gives us the ease, of projecting in real time where they are going and where they will be in 20, 30 or 60 minutes in such a way it is a storm that does not help us,” he said.

Alejandro González said that although there have been torrential rains in the valley, these are not due to this stimulation system, but also that natural conditions have occurred, such as the shock of remnants of the storm “Fernand” and low pressure.

He pointed out that the ideal is that the dams reach 65 percent of their storage level to have a normal cycle of autumn-winter sowing, but in the case of those in the center, even though they have generated contributions these last rains, They are still insufficient to reach that level before October.

Stimulation of rains consists of throwing from a twin-engine aircraft, flares that exploit potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, and silver iodide. These materials are placed on the wings of the aircraft that takes off just when the meteorologist in charge of the Doppler radar indicates that there is adequate wind and storm clouds (cumulonimbus) with sufficient hail load to fall into the mountain area or dams.

And although the cloud is going to download, the stimulation applies a product that divides the hail into several fragments causing a greater rainfall than expected normally.

Source: linea directa

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