Will AMLOs reduction of tourism budget affect Mexico’s tourism


State governments will have fewer resources to strengthen destinations

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Mazatlan, Sin. The 42% reduction to the Federal Tourism Secretariat by 2020 will negatively impact the country’s tourist destinations; They agreed to point out members of the tourism chain.

The vice president of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies of Mazatlan, Carlos Bedegué Sacristán, said that with this decrease in resources the secretary is weakened, however, other mechanisms have to be sought.

There are these independent government entities that are trying to come to replace the absence of these budgets, and in the long run, this solution is very good, because that means that every day we will depend less on federal support. 

Carlos Bedegué

For his part, the president of the Commission of Hotels and Motels of Concanaco, Guillermo Romero Rodríguez, considered that the decrease in resources in tourism will hit tourism at the national level because there will be few resources that will go down to the states.

More budget from the federal government is required so that in turn it goes down to the state dependencies and we can have more fortified destinations of sun and beach, colonial, Magical Towns. 

Carlos Bedegué

He stressed that Mazatlan is one of the few tourist destinations nationwide where there are greater development and investment, therefore, given the lack of resources, a strategy has to be sought to fill that gap.

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The leader of the merchants asked that in the economic package not only there be reductions in the budgets, but that pee or even for all be put on since at present 60% of the population does not pay taxes at the national level.

The issue of informals economy is an area of ​​opportunity for the government, but it has not seen it, there is no effective program, and they are leaving with the same, with the taxpayer base and there is a very aggressive audit issue for the next year. 

Carlos Bedegué


By 2020 the budget reduction to the Federal Tourism Secretariat is 42%, which weakens the sector in the country.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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