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Riviera Nayarit surpasses Cancun in the growth of international travelers

Although in net numbers, the Mexican Caribbean continues to be the leader in the reception of international travelers, the tourist pole of the Mexican Pacific registered a better rate of increase in the first half of the year.

As we have reported in NITU.mx , only Cancun had a complicated half of the year because according to the Ministry of Tourism of Quintana Roo (Sedetur), foreign tourists who arrived by air, decreased 1.6 percent compared to the January period -June 2018, while in August a small decrease was also observed, compared to the same month of the previous year. 

Meanwhile, in the first half of 2019, Riviera Nayarit registered a 3.5 percent increase in the number of international visitors, according to the Barometer of the Office of Visitors and Conventions of the destination (OVC).

From January to June of this year, 417 thousand 101 foreign tourists arrived at this destination, against the 402 thousand 977 that did so in the first six months of 2018; and the national tourism threw 804 thousand 838 visitors, which speaks of an important ascending streak in the last two years.

Unlike the Mexican Caribbean, the average hotel occupancy has maintained an average of 82.36 percent with an average stay of almost six nights and more than two guests per room.

Both destinations, like the rest of the country, are going through the crisis of the federal promotion strategy, which they have worked through their local organizations (CPTQ in Quintana Roo and the OVC in Riviera Nayarit), however, in the Mexican Caribbean the massive arrival of sargassum and the image that was given abroad could be a determining factor for international travelers to turn to other latitudes.

The US market is also the most important for Riviera Nayarit, with 53 percent of the total, followed by Canada 41 percent and the United Kingdom with four percent. Although this year the South American market had a strong boost thanks to the direct flight of Copa Airlines, which attracted tourists from Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Lima and Santiago de Chile, among other important cities in the region.

Source: nitu

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