The casualties continue at the Mazatlan Institute of Culture


A few hours after launching the calls for nominations for the reigns of the Carnival 2020, in addition to the cultural events that the maximum festival of the city of Mazatlan has, the Institute of Tourism and Art Culture of Mazatlan suffers a further decline in its organization chart.

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This is the head of Social Communication, the communicator Paloma Gutierrez, who a few minutes ago notified journalists, writers and radio broadcasters and television drivers covering the cultural source of Mazatlan and Sinaloa leaving office.

In her farewell message, you can clearly read that she leaves office, but it is not specified whether by resignation or dismissal.

This is the message she made through the social network Whatsapp:

Hello good afternoon, colleagues. Inform them that from this moment I stop working at the Institute of Culture.

Thank you all. It has been a pleasure to be able to count on you and your support in the dissemination of activities by the Institute at this time.

They have my number whatever is at your service.

A hug for everyone!

On the other hand, sources close to the Institute of Culture confirmed that the director of Finance and current head of the paramunicipal, José Ángel Tostado was the one who notified her of her discharge, that is, she was fired and perhaps there could be more changes, as the Chemist Benítez: “Those that are necessary”.

Source: pmxportal

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