Mazatlan bus drivers are tested for drug use


Drivers who tested positive were addicted to drugs such as methamphetamine and marijuana

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Suspended six workers at the wheel, after they tested positive in an anti-doping test that the Delegation of Roads and Transportation requested that it be applied.

The delegate of Roads and Transportation in Mazatlan, José Vallejo Carrillo, reported that there were a total of 105 urban transport drivers in the municipality to whom the anti-doping test was applied.

José Vallejo Carrillo, delegate of Roads and Transportation in Mazatlan

Currently, people who tested positive are subject to rehabilitation treatment, so that they can return to their work activity.

He said that there is an agreement between the Directorate of Roads and Transportation with the Ministry of Health so that there are places where the problems suffered by the six drivers can be treated.

There are places where drivers are treated for a speedy recovery, so they can be in optimal conditions so they can provide the corresponding service 

José Vallejo Carrillo

The test, he said, was carried out to drivers of the Alliance of Urban Buses and of Águilas del Pacífico Autotransportes, which in total are around 400 units that are in the entire municipality.

The results of the samples, he said, one part was methamphetamine and the other was marijuana, so the drivers were immediately suspended from their duties.


It is the first time that type of exam is carried out so far this year, and it is not ruled out that there is another one and it is applied to workers of public transportation services.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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