Durango is one of the safest states in the country


We require more investment for security for the states and municipalities, said the PAN leader

PAN President Marko Cortéz Mendoza attended the government report.

The governments emanated from the National Action Party give good results, we generate investment attraction, we also create 45 percent of formal jobs and in the case of the State of Durango, the 3-year work of State Representative José Rosas Aispuro Torres, has managed to reduce insecurity considerably, hence it is in the top places at the national level of the safest.

This was stated by the President of the National Committee of the PAN, Marko Cortéz Mendoza at the end of the Third Government Report that he delivered on Wednesday night at the Technological University of the Durango Lagoon in this lagoon municipality, highlighted what was done by the state president even and with few economic resources

He said, “I feel very proud to see how the government emanated from National Action give good results, the sample we have in the State of Durango, that is why we could listen and see through videos, the achievements obtained not only in the security issue but also in the generation of jobs, hydraulic work, and road ”.

Aispuro Torres goes to the middle of his term, he is one of the governors of the country that is best evaluated by the people and this is a great satisfaction because we have the security that Duranguenses improve their quality of life.

Commenting that Durango is one of the entities that receive fewer resources, he said, “We have a very specific proposal, to make a modification in the Fiscal Coordination Law so that the percentage of the shares to States and Municipalities is expanded, since currently 80 percent stays in the federation of Value Added Taxes (VAT), On Income (ISR) and Special Production and Service (IEPS), ”he said.

He said that the proposal is to keep 70 percent in the federation and 30 percent for the states so that it is distributed as follows, 20 for state governments and 10 for municipalities, in order to live authentic federalism and real municipalism, more capacities for our governors and our mayors.

“There is a lack of balance and lack of respect from the federal government to the States and municipalities, because the federal government that Andrés Manuel López Obrador presides has practically strangled the federal entities and the municipalities, this by limiting the resources of Branch 33 and in addition to cutting the Branch 23 up to 70 percent, ”he said.


When questioned about the first report that the President of the Republic rendered, Andrés Manuel López Obrador last Sunday, he replied, “It was simply an act of campaign, of good intentions where we see that its reality, with its data, is very different from the reality that all Mexicans see. ”

What we Mexicans would have wanted is for López Obrador to tell us, how he is going to solve the very serious problem of insecurity that we face in Mexico, with the worst rates of violence in executions, in femicides throughout the country and tell us how he is going to make to go from zero percent growth, to 4 percent annually and to 6 that he promised for the end of his six-year term, very concrete promises that he did not speak in his report.

When questioned about the Federation Expenditure Budget, he said “Next Sunday, September 8, the federal government will have to deliver the economic package, hence what we ask for is a fiscal package with more resources to the States and municipalities and that Do not borrow more from the country, do not cut substantive programs.

Based on the foregoing, he recalled the cuts made by the federal government this year to the municipalities regarding the resources of the Strengthening for Security Program (FORTASEG) and pointed out that Mexico currently only invests .97 percent of the Internal Product Gross (GDP) for security in the Mexican Republic in contrast to the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that spend 1.7 percent on average.

Source: el sol de durango

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