Vodka is your friend: Eco-Friendly Insect Repellent


What You’ll Need 

Vodka, Spray bottle, Essential oil (optional), Basil leaves (optional), Lavender buds (optional)

A natural insect repellant can save you money and not expose yourself and your family to needless chemicals and toxins. Use vodka to make an eco-friendly insect repellant that is both effective and great smelling.

Step 1 – Add Vodka

To make the most effective insect repellant, use straight vodka, not one that is infused with flavors or sugar. Pour some in a squirt bottle and spray directly on your skin directly before you go outdoors. This will be effective as a repellant for bees, wasps, mosquitoes, and ants.

The one downside to a plain vodka spray is the odor that may linger, depending on the conditions where you are. To avoid this, you can add scent to your insect repellant.

Step 2 – Add Basil

Simply place a few basil leaves in the spray bottle or add a few drops of Pure Essence of Basil to the spray. This will be just as effective as pure vodka, but without the stale scent. If the smell of basil does not suit you, experiment with other essential oils that you enjoy. While the oils most likely will not have an insect repelling quality, it is still nice to have a great smelling natural solution.

Step 3 – Add Lavender

Lavender works well in a repellant because of its own mosquito repelling properties. This can also make a nice solution during pregnancy when many women avoid using harsh chemicals on their bodies. If you do not wish to use vodka in your insect repellant, you can combine lavender oil with citronella oil to effectively keep mosquitoes at bay.

Fill a Mason jar with lavender buds and cover them completely with vodka. Seal the jar tightly to prevent evaporation, and store it in a sunny spot for about a month. Rotate and shake the jar regularly so that the contents mix. After a month, strain the lavender buds out and put the new liquid into a clean glass jar. Pour it into a spray bottle in place of traditional insect repellant. Store the additional Mason jar of repellant in a cool, dark location for prolonged storage.

Create any one of these simple all-natural insect repellants this season and enjoy being bug-free without using any harsh chemicals. These are all easy to make and provide the same great protection as many commercial products on the market today. Try different scents or create a big batch of lavender repellant and enjoy your next fishing, camping or hiking trip without the nuisance of biting bugs and insects.

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