Floods, sinkholes, and vehicles trapped by heavy rains in Culiacan Sinaloa


Culiacán.- The torrential rains that were recorded during the afternoon of this Monday in the state capital, caused the drag of several vehicles during the floods in some sectors.

The places where there were major affectations are the Emiliano Zapata boulevard at the height of the Telmex building, the old boardwalk Paseo Niños Héroes at the height of Aquiles Serdán, Nicolás Bravo Avenue and Sister Cities, among other streets that were flooded.

Several vehicles were trapped when the engine was shut down due to high water levels.

On the federalism axis in the western lane to the east, the rains caused the rupture of the drainage pipe that crosses from the Centro Sinaloa colony to the main eastern channel, where the pavement collapsed leaving a hole approximately three and a half meters in diameter.

The road was closed to avoid accidents.

Floods were also reported along the Heroic College Military road, at the height of Revolution Avenue.

Source: pmxportal

The Mazatlan Post