Mazatlan Aquarium portects 204 turtle eggs on Cerritos beach


Mazatlan.- A total of 204 sea turtle eggs, from two nests, were placed under the protection of the Mazatlan Aquarium on Wednesday morning.

The paramunicipal went to the call of the hotel staff Torres Mazatlan, for the delivery of the eggs that kept sheltered from 5:00 today.

Alfredo González, security agent in that place, said that as part of the Department of Safety and Environment, they collaborate with the protection of the species and are always on the lookout for spawning on the site.

“Here is the Department of Safety and Environment, we try to conserve and support the ecology and in the protection of the sea turtle … it gives satisfaction that protection is continued and the species continues,” he said.

On the other hand, José Barrón Hernández, in charge of the Marine Turtle Protection and Conservation Program, commented that there is a decrease in the number of nesting females registered in the beaches of Mazatlan and therefore the number of eggs to hatch has also decreased, the cause could be that the rains took time to arrive.

“The rains took off, the sand was very dry, the turtles came out trying to nest, but they couldn’t; these turtles most likely went to look for new nesting areas where they had the right conditions for incubating their nests, ”he explained.

To date, Mazatlan Aquarium has protected 422 nests, with about 40,000 eggs, and about 3,000 offspring have already been released.

Compared to 2018, 230 fewer nests were registered, which represents a deficit of 20 thousand eggs.

Source: pmxportal

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