Legends of Sinaloa: The Ghost Woman on the Road


It was an Escuinapa baker who fulfilled her mysterious request

Escuinapa.- In some parts of the world, apparitions of ghosts become almost daily events, however, most people are skeptical of paranormal cases, until they experience it.

And it is that many times ghosts, strangely, turn to human beings to use them as intermediaries and solve some mission that they could not complete throughout their lives, which apparently keeps them “trapped” in the world of the living, even Complete your pending homework.

That story happened to Pablo Arenas. For many years he has worked in a bakery in the Isla del Bosque syndicate in Escuinapa. Onboard his modest truck, he travels daily at dawn the 17 kilometers that separated him from the municipal seat.

At the height of the community of Celaya, it is where they say the appearance occurs.

On one occasion, when passing through the community of Celaya, he observed the figure of a woman walking along one of the sides of the road, pushing a wheelbarrow, one of those used by the masons, a situation that seemed strange, given the time. Although it caught his attention, it did not take much importance.

From that day on, the routes along the road changed, because always, when I reached the streets of the community, I felt the need to look for women. But it was until later when he saw her again, this time sitting on the concrete bench of the booth located by the road; At that moment, she thought that she was waiting for someone to move her to the bedside. According to Don Pablo’s testimony, the woman wore khaki shorts, with a white blouse and, although she could not see her face completely, she knew it was the same one she had previously observed.

Encouraged by curiosity, Don Pablo sought to meet her again, because he intended to ask her about his stay at the booth, where he had seen her several times, at the same time and in the same place. On one occasion, his desire almost became a reality, because when he saw her sitting again in the booth he tried to stop at the boundary and approach, however, another vehicle prevented his passage, so he could not get where he was, and then he lost sight of it, which seemed strange to him, because although he searched the place he did not find it.

Go to the Basilica of Guadalupe and pray, the woman’s request

Three days later, he again observed her sitting in the booth, so he chose to slow down the progress of his truck, but when he passed by, he no longer saw her. It was at that moment when everything changed; To his surprise, when he turned to the passenger seat of the car, he noticed that she was sitting next to him, which caused him an indescribable fright.

With the fear of full-blown skin, Don Pablo was able to ask him about his intentions and the reasons why he appeared in the booth. The woman replied that he did not want to scare him, but to ask him a favor since until then no one had paid attention to him.

The woman’s request was that Don Pablo, along with his family, had to go to pay a mandate to Mexico City, specifically to the Basilica of Guadalupe. To do this they had to carry an image of the Virgin, previously they had to pray the Holy Rosary, on Tuesdays and Fridays of each week, until completing thirteen prayers. That was the only way to get the woman’s daughter out of the dark and bring her to the light because it was a command she had promised in life and could not fulfill.

The encounter between the spectrum and Don Pablo was on a Thursday, so he considered starting on Tuesday of the following week, however, after the first Friday, the woman appeared to him again and warned him that many men had asked the favor and because they had not helped him, they did not live long to tell. Faced with this situation, the baker responded that it would be the next Tuesday when they would begin to fulfill their assignment.

During thirteen Tuesdays and thirteen Fridays, accompanied by his family and neighbors of the community, they prayed fervently for the deceased, waiting to be released from the parcel.

Don Pablo faced many difficulties because the image he had to take to the Basilica should be given away to the Church and not purchased, as he intended to do. It was not until days after the pastor of the Church of San Francisco de Asís authorized the gift, so he decided to organize the trip and go before the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico and fulfill the penance imposed by the soul in pain.

They were two days of travel where the family suffered various difficulties along the way, because the car where they were moving stopped for no apparent reason, coupled with the heavy rain that was recorded during the trip, which delayed the journey and made them desperate, They did not know the route since they had never gone to the capital of the country.

It was in a moment of despair that Don Pablo claimed the lack of support from the woman, to whom he asked for help, because his intention was to fulfill his task and that he could finally rest in peace. The curious thing about the adventure is that after the claim, the car where they were traveling no longer stopped, so they could finally reach their destination without any problems.

After five days of travel, anxiety, and uncertainty, Don Pablo and his family were able to return to the municipality satisfied to fulfill the mission entrusted by the woman in the booth. He was never found again, but the stories about appearances in the house of Celaya, continue to give what to talk, as there are those who say that the woman continues to appear to those who walk the mysterious road at dawn.

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