INXS, an extravaganza for Mexico


Chris Murphy, who was the manager of INXS for five years, works in a musical of the Australian band, which hopes to release in our country

In addition to retaking the material recorded in July 1991 at Wambley Stadium under the direction of David Mallet and the name of INXS: Live Baby Live, and participating in the tape Mystify: A Musical Journey with Michael Hutchence, Chris Murphy, former manager of the Australian band, is preparing a musical with the legacy of the group, in which it raises a story told from a close-up of INXS, and the place where it wants to release it is Mexico.

I’m pushing for the premiere of the musical to be made in Mexico. Being very honest, many people have tried to take that idea out of my head, because they say it is very difficult to work here for everything that happens, but I think that there are many things happening here, many shows, many concerts, there is the infrastructure for it and It is easier for logistics to bring art and production directors from Los Angeles than to travel to Sydney.

I’ve called it Extravaganza, it’s not going to be anything like Broadway, I want to show everything in the foreground, very sexy, very vibrant, very INXS. It is a sexy band and the Latin market is too, so if I can do different things once again I will do everything possible to make the musical premiere in this country, ”said Murphy in an interview with Excélsior.

Authenticity is one of the key elements for a band to occupy an important place in the history of music, and if that is added to the experience and knowledge that a manager can have from the entertainment business, the result becomes explosive and permanent. That was what happened to INXS in the early 90s, when Murphy, being his manager, teamed up with Michael Hutchence, Andrew Farriss, Tim Farriss, Jon Farriss, Garry Gary Beers and Kirk Pengilly to place the grouping in its rightful place.

I started working with INXS in 1990 and I retired in 1995, Michael passed away in 97. When they called me to work with them

It took me five months to think about it, in the end, I accepted it, but his career was a mess, the band’s music was falling behind and the people who were handling the catalogs, which made compiling and great hits like records, so the damage was done.

The Australian band INXS has sold 65 million records worldwide and has won six awards from the Australian Recording Industry Association, including three for Best Group. His vocalist, Michael Hutchence, died in 1997

When they called me, no label was interested in them, so I told them it would be a lot of work, it took me five years to return them to the level; One of the things I analyzed about INXS was that they should not disrespect their fans, but they had already been exploited by the labels, the only way for the band’s music to have a future was to catch the next generation of followers , what I did was analyze their catalog, see what we had and I realized that their music is timeless, not many artists have that fortune today, ”he recalled.

For Murphy, a connoisseur of the entertainment business, one of the greatest virtues that INXS had was that he had a sound diversity that allowed him to do things that seemed unlikely, to open his musical spectrum and his reach with the public.

The music of INXS was unique, it still is, and that caused problems with the label, which I wanted to have complete control, I did not allow them and the idea was that they could express themselves in the studio in a creative way, so to get the Simple was a problem, because they didn’t want or look for radiable songs, and that’s why we decided to do things differently.

Their catalog was very diverse, few bands had the sound diversity that INXS had and that opened the possibility of doing many things as remixes of the same songs – which was very bad for a rock band – to give diversity to their music , even more than they had. We never stopped to think about what was popular on the radio, nowadays in streaming, and from that create a song, never. They released a record and we chose the single and that was very rewarding, ”added the manager.

Murphy visited Mexico for the first time to present the INXS: Live Baby Live concert, which had a single screening last Friday.

On this fleeting visit, the Australian also recognized that while INXS was a unique live band, it is the musical legacy and the reach in the new generations the most important contribution that the band could leave.

The presentation of the concert in London, Los Angeles and Paris has been like a wake-up call for many people, INXS was a great live band. In that concert there were no screens, there were no computers, nor a great production, there were only six boys on stage working very hard and focusing on the public. People love that.

The legacy towards the industry is important, for example (the members of) 5 Seconds to Summer have declared themselves fans of INXS, several have done so, big bands, and the music of INXS has become an inspiration for their own music and That seems to me a very special and unique legacy. ”


  • INXS: Live Baby Live was recorded at Wembley Stadium on July 13, 1991.
  • 20 cameras were used on the floor and one mounted on a helicopter and 74,000 fans witnessed the concert.
  • Chris Murphy managed to finance the recording of the concert at a time when it and the distribution of shows were not an important part of the music business.
  • The video was released on VHS for promotional purposes of the tour.
  • There is material in photo and video of the day of the concert, prior to the show, which will be launched on the social networks of INXS.

Source: excelsior

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