Sinaloa’s threaten to blockade the Mexico 15 highway in San Miguel Zapotitlán


They demonstrated in the towns of San Miguel Zapotitlán in demand that the authorities expand the siphon where they discharge stormwater to the Rio Fuerte

Los Mochis, Sin.- The inhabitants of the San Miguel Zapotitlán syndicate demonstrate and threaten to take the Mexico 15 highway.

The demand of the inhabitants is that the authorities expand the siphon where they discharge the rainwater to the Fuerte River because in each rain that falls in the community their homes are flooded being in the middle of the water when the stream of the stream that drives the rainwater overflows.

“Here they left 10 meters wide by 2 and a half meters high, and there they reduce it to a square meter, that’s where the strongest detail is the strongest problem, we need to expand that siphon that is under that parking lot, from that access, the level of water rises floods the houses ”.

“We are going to take drastic measures, we are going to have to take the road because the truth, the truth, everything gets wet, we lose chairs, the mattresses where we sleep, in fact we have to take the road if they do not solve us nothing”.

The protesters asked the authorities to expand the siphon that has become a bottleneck for the aforementioned sector in the community of San Miguel Zapotitlán, because every time it rains the water rises to more than half a meter high at Interior of their homes.

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