Floating Water Park in Playa Norte in Mazatlan is Abandoned


The Senior Officer said that so far there has been no approach of any businessman, to present the project and request the corresponding permits

Mazatlan, Sin. – It seems that the intention of opening the floating Water Park in Playa Norte has been forgotten by those interested, because despite the fact that one of those involved made public his intention to establish an approach with the municipal authorities until the At the moment no one has even presented the project of this aquatic attraction.

Javier Lira González, Senior Officer, reiterated that so far the Commune has not received the executive project to be able to carry out the first evaluation, and thus know in detail what are the requirements that it needs to be able to operate and obtain the permits.

They are not operating. We are waiting for them to do the paperwork, nothing more, they put a letter requesting the list of requirements, for that we need you to send the permit and they have not done so. We need them to bring us the project to determine what they occupy if we do not have the project we cannot tell them what they need.

Lira González

On the other hand, he assured that progress has been made in the matter of inspection, since people who do not have permission are withdrawn every day; they are mostly Mazatlan citizens who move from different colonies and sometimes change zones so as not to be surprised, even so, they are channeled through the inspectors in case they want to regularize their situation.

In mid-July, the Wibit Sports company began installing the Water Park in Playa Norte. When suspended by the City Council, for not having the total permits, part of the inflatables continue in the area.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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