‘Women will no longer have to leave Sinaloa for an abortion’


Natalia Reyes, of the Sinaloa Active Women Collective, said that the entity has registered cases where, even with a criminal complaint for rape, they deny abortion to victims

Culiacán, Sin. – With the resolution that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation that declares NOM 046 constitutional that establishes that rape victims have the right to abortion, women in Sinaloa will no longer have to travel outside the state to exercise their right.

The young activist of the Sinaloa Active Women Collective recalled that in the entity there have been cases where, even with a criminal complaint for rape, in hospitals, they were denied an abortion to victims.

“In Sinaloa, we already have several cases where victims are denied interruption even if they have made the corresponding complaint in the Prosecutor’s Office, and have had to go to Mexico City to see their right crystallized,” she said.

She considered that it is essential that the health authorities be pressed, especially in a state like Sinaloa, where they have second place in teenage pregnancies and continue to think that everyone is consensual.

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She added that it is not possible for 12-year-old girls to go to the Women’s Hospital for prenatal visits when they should be accompanied when they are victims of sexual abuse.

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