Garbage collection increases on the coastal strip of Mazatlan


Palaperos, hoteliers, and businesses fail to take out the waste in a timely manner; Beach Operator in favor of applying fines to those who litter

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – In the last two weeks, garbage collection increased up to two tons per day in the coastal strip of Mazatlan; informed the director of Operator and Administrator of Beaches, Rogelio Olivas Osuna , who spoke in favor of applying sanctions and fines to anyone who throws garbage or does not comply with the schedules to take the waste to the street and avenues.

However, he pointed out that this corrective measure should only be applied after an awareness and socialization campaign about the problem.

He said that in the last two weeks there was an increase in the influx of visitors in the coastal strip, among tourists and locals, which increased the volumes of garbage on the beaches and surrounding areas, to the extent that they are being collected between 1 and 2 tons every day, mainly Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This is only what is generated in front of the Malecon, not counting what the hotels themselves are generating, because many of them have service contracted with the municipality and others with private companies that have their special containers.

Rogelio Olivas

The places with the highest concentration of visitors are Playa Norte, where the Fisherman’s monument, the Pinitos area, Gaviotas beach and Cerritos are located.

He indicated that, although in the next two weeks a decrease in the influx of summer tourists is expected, Mazatlan is experiencing a boom in regional tourism every weekend, which makes it necessary to implement an action plan to improve the service of Garbage collection, the amount of which is expected to remain between 1 and 2 tons per day.

“I believe that this number will be the one that will govern us from now on, so we have to work hand in hand with the municipality, since Public Services is not supplied, but that people take out the garbage when the truck is going to happen, because sometimes we get it out of time and that generates between 2, 3 and 4 laps with the same collection truck, ”he said.

He said that he is still struggling with palaperos, businesses and hotels that are in the coastal strip.

We have not been able to comment on the palaperos, at the same hotel sometimes, it is a problem in which we are working hand in hand, directly, with service providers and the same private sector.

Osuna Olives

He said that among the actions are to put more garbage containers in the Malecon and the beach area, so that visitors have no excuse to put the garbage in place.

Olivas Osuna added that they are already working with hoteliers who are in front of the beach in the Golden Zone, who clean the front of their hotels and the rubbish bins on the sand.


2 tons of daily garbage are collected in the coastal strip of Mazatlan, every weekend.


From 2 to 4 laps, the garbage collection truck performs on the coastal strip to collect business waste.

Waste generation exceeds the capacity of the municipality of Mazatlan

The truck fleet is insufficient, most operate in poor condition; personal lack and there is no citizen culture that keeps the city clean:

González Olague

Garbage, clothing and even electronic devices and appliances leave people at Infonavit Beaches, corner of Las Torres and Felipe Ángeles. 

It is not enough with 420 people and 49 trucks, of which 40 are in poor condition, to provide a quality public service in terms of garbage collection and human sweeping in Mazatlan, since there are 120 routes that are traveled and 400 kilometers of human sweeping that are carried out every day in the city to collect 800 tons of garbage, said the Director of Municipal Public Services, Luis Antonio González Olague.

To this is added that in some urban sectors, the population is not supporting with taking in time and form the garbage to the streets and avenues, but that it piles them up when the truck has already passed or outside the schedules.

However, he says that with the recent acquisition of 9 garbage trucks, the service deficiency was reduced and the service improved by 85%, which was previously 92%, on normal days.

Among the main problems that the Commune has to provide this service, he said, is the deficit of the fleet and the frequent failure of the collection trucks, which sometimes add up to 8 units detained in the repair shops.

Neighbors of the Gabriel Leyva place the garbage on the ridge of the avenue.

Given this situation, the City Council is forced to rent up to 5 dump trucks, with a cost to the treasury of approximately 15 thousand pesos per day.

He said that it is planned to buy 10 more units later this year or early next year, to give 100% attention to the population.

Likewise, the bad habits of the population and the lack of a culture of the people in caring and keeping clean the green areas, streets, avenues, beaches and tourist places, disrupt the urban image of Mazatlan.

González Olague says that another factor that has hindered this municipal public service, are some practices of the drivers of garbage trucks that are being remedied.

In this regard, Jesús Osuna Lamarque, general secretary of the Workers’ Union (Stasam), denied that there are bad practices or obstruction in the garbage collection service by unionized personnel; on the contrary, he pointed out that an effort is made to change shifts to get the job done, in addition to working overtime during high service seasons.

He indicated that what is needed is a campaign to raise public awareness so that he can take out the garbage on the days and times that are their turn, because by not doing so the city looks as if the garbage had not been collected.


The Director of Public Services said that this administration received the Urban Toilet area with 40 garbage trucks, which are not enough to serve all urban sectors of the city, as it continues to grow and expand, in addition to the units they are in conditions that often have trouble getting on the road.

Juan Pablo II Avenue, one of the busiest in the city. 

He says that although the number of trucks with 9 more units has already been increased, there are still problems due to the poor state in which the first collectors operate.

Ensures that when another truck of those in service ends its route, what is done is to resume the route of that unit that broke down.

And the problem is that there are no reserve trucks.

The official says that the government, in turn, plans to acquire 10 more units by the end of the year or early 2020, which would restore the routes and give 100% attention to the garbage collection service.

By increasing the fleet of trucks, a reserve unit could be left for when one of the collectors decomposes, and continue with the route.

Currently, due to the excessive work that is given to trucks, more preventive maintenance is required such as oil and filter changes, even some of the units have had to make major repairs.


Aseo Urbano currently has 420 workers, of which 220 are dedicated to garbage collection and 200 to human sweeping throughout the city.

Of the 49 collection trucks operating in the city, only 9 are in optimal condition. 

400 kilometers of avenues, streets, bridges, squares, and parks are swept every day.

The Director of Public Services informed that the hiring of more personnel for human sweeping is managed, as the city is growing exponentially and more and more is the area that requires this service.

In addition, this need is triggered in the high tourist seasons, especially in the areas of the Malecon, the Lighthouse and the Golden Zone.

He said that daily collection is done in the coastal strip, but here the problem is that many of the businesses do not comply with taking out the garbage at 7:30 at night, which is the agreed time for collection. He commented that the same thing happens in the colonies and subdivisions, he cited cases such as Grabriel Leyva Avenue and the Conchi and Alarcón infonavit, where there is always garbage.


As in other past municipal administrations, this has suggested the application of fines and penalties for those who do not comply with the schedules set in the waste collection routes or who are caught throwing garbage.

We, yes it is true, sometimes we do not comply, but not because we do not want, but because there is a problem that prevented us and that was due to failures in a team; That is why I do not squeeze the fines so much, because the population is right that we do not comply as it should be; however, we are already doing it at 92% and I want to reach 100%

Luis Antonio González Olague

In fact, the Police and Good Government side includes this administrative offense not only for the common citizen but also for businesses that pay for contracted service.

He said that one could do the same procedure that is followed against that citizen who is caught urinating in the street or altering the order, which is stopped and taken to jail.


Jesús Osuna Lamarque, union leader of the Stasam, agrees that the crisis in the collection service is due to mechanical failures in the trucks, which prevents the end of the garbage collection routes.

Garbage deposits in the City Center are not enough for the waste generated in that urban sector.

Ensures that the staff working in Urban Cleanliness is sufficient to serve the population; However, he points out that citizen awareness is needed because the bad habits of taking out the garbage continue when the collection truck has passed.

He denied that unionized personnel is obstructing the garbage collection work, and as evidence, he added that an effort is being made to change shifts to take forward the routes that cover the city.

And he joined the call that the Director of Municipal Public Services, Luis Antonio González Olague, made to society, to support and cooperate by taking out the garbage in a timely manner.


  • 800 tons of garbage is collected every day in Mazatlan by Municipal Public Services.
  • 49 garbage trucks operate in the city, of which only 9 are new.
  • 9 units plan to acquire by the end of the year or early 2020.
  • 20 tons of garbage generates each Infonavit in the city.


  • From 85 to 92% improved attention in garbage collection with the new units acquired by the City Council, according to Municipal Public Services.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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