Uber will be legal in Baja California Sur and taxi drivers will have to respect it, warns Congress


La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). The local deputy, Rigoberto Murillo Aguilar commented that taxi drivers will have to accept Uber in the entity, once the Mobility Law is passed since he assured that the majorities are those that rule both in Congress and in the state.

“Have we ever said it here that democracies, the minority must accept what the majorities say, so much so, that in the paths I have had people question me about equal marriages; They are an example, we have told you promptly that we have to accept because the majority of Congress was in favor of equal marriages; in that sense, society has to understand that in democracy minorities accept what the majorities say, ”said the legislator.

He also mentioned that they are prepared for the disapproval slogans that the carriers will issue, once the Mobility initiative is discussed, which he said will be analyzed in the next session in the month of September.

“Of course the Mobility Law is in the pipeline this coming month ,” said the legislator of the former Social Encounter Party (PES).

In this regard, he said that the Uber will be obliged to pay taxes, which will consist of 16,000,000 pesos per month and that will be used in a trust for South California transportation.

“They will generate around 16 million pesos a year and they will go directly to the transport trust, which by this time will be real, there will be a trust for the benefit of the carriers themselves,” said Rigoberto Murillo.

It should be noted that, previously, Rigoberto Murillo mentioned that the legislature seeks to support taxi drivers with a trust so that they renew their units and can compete equally against any transport service that arrives at the entity.

Finally, the Mobility Commissioner of the State Congress said that the Uber has been operating without authorization, but once there is a new Mobility Law, they can work, as long as they pay taxes.

“Uber is subject to that unwritten rule, say that it is not allowed in the Law is not prohibited, so they make use and the authorities persecute them, once this Law is approved, as there will be for everyone,” he concluded.

Source: bcsnoticias

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