Japanese gave an exceptional show for the people of Mazatlan


The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force presents a martial arts show, Japanese drums, and a musical concert, at the Angela Peralta Theater

Mazatlán.-As a gift from the members of the Maritime Self-Defense Force of Japan, the martial arts show, Japanese drums, and a musical concert was presented to the Buenos Aires community, at the Angela Peralta Theater.

For free, with a full total and great energy connection, Japanese, Mexicans and some foreigners who are visiting Mazatlan, enjoyed a unique concert that hosted the Mexican Japan Association of Mazatlan, which is chaired by Esperanza Kazuga of Yoshii

On the stage of the emblematic theater opened in 1874, the “Drums Shozui” sounded to merge into an impressive art of percussion musical ensemble. 
The presentation of the Training Squadron of the Maritime Self-Defense Force of Japan took place in two stages, the first with music from Japan and the second with Latin music, with the leadership of Keiichi Okazaki, conductor of the orchestra.

Accompanied by the taiko, name of the Japanese drums outside their country of origin, the artists presented a show that has transcended borders, since formerly they only played at religious events and were part of the Samurai culture, to raise the adrenaline of their Warriors.

Each sound and the voice of singer Yukari Miyake, became energy that toured the entire cultural site and caught attendees from the first moment, getting involved with the palms to the rhythm that the artists made “speak” to their instruments, getting an exceptional synergy, in a cultural and artistic exchange, uniting the world through music.

At the close of the show offered by the Japanese at the TAP, he was present on behalf of Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, the secretary of the City Council, José de Jesús Flores, who thanked the cultural-artistic exchange offered to the Mazatlan citizens for free.

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