AMLO government fails to support Mexican athletes abroad



The president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador , made a publication on his Twitter account, in which he had congratulated that the Mexican delegation in the Pan American Games had already begun to win medals.

However, minutes later deleted the tweet. Probably because of the comments that were generated referring to the fact that they were winning medals without the support of the president and the CONADE scholarships.

Subsequently, AMLO made another publication in which he congratulated them and took the opportunity to advertise their favorite sport, baseball.

However, he received the same type of comments where he was reminded that austerity affected the scholarships of the Mexican delegation that is winning medals.

Mexican medalist h up to the moment


Marco Arroyo / Bronze / Poomsae traditional manly

Paula Fregoso / Oro / Poomsae traditional feminine


César Salazar / Bronze / Men’s Individual


José Luis Santana / Silver / Men’s Marathon

Juan Joel Pacheco / Bronze / Men’s Marathon


Cecilia Pérez / Bronze / Women’s Triathlon

To make matters worse La CONADE did not even provide the gala uniforms to the Mexican delegation present at the Pan American Games in Lima 2019

The Mexican delegation present at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima did not parade with its usual gala uniform as it did in past editions.

On this occasion, the National Sports Commission (Conade) did not provide Mexican athletes with the luxury clothing to attend the opening ceremony of the Pan American Games.

The Head of Mission of the Mexican delegation, Mario García de la Torre, mentioned that the Conade would be the one who was going to provide the gala attire, but they never arrived.

The athletes waited for their uniforms until the last moment, it was only a few minutes before starting the ceremony that they were informed that they should wear other uniforms.

The Mexican Olympic Committee was finally the one who contributed the red uniforms of the Chinese brand Li-Ning that the athletes wore. This happened after hearing the news that the Conade would not provide the clothing to Mexican athletes.

In this way yesterday afternoon, the Mexican delegation paraded in the National Stadium of Lima representing our country. The standard-bearer was the representative of the Jorge Orozco Sports Shooting team.

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