Rain of 84. 4 mm leaves almost the entire city of Mazatlan flooded


In six hours of heavy rain, Mazatlan was again flooded and the municipal authorities have put to work because with the support of patrols of the Secretariat of Municipal Public Security, Public Works, and Services among other dependencies of the City Council are helping They can to the citizens.

Hugo Nordahl Valdez, in charge of the Local Meteorological Observatory of the National Water Commission, reported from 06:00 to 11:00 fell 83.4 millimeters, being 75.9 mm in just one hour. He recalled that the month of July has a record of normal rainfall of up to 84.0 millimeters, which happened in 1996.

He mentioned that for this Sunday and Monday there is the probability of more rain from strong to intense that could reach 75 millimeters.

The worst floods occurred in the Benito Juárez, Sánchez Celis, Adolfo López Mateos, Historic Center, Centro, Toreo, Hotel Zone neighborhoods, where the main avenues have traditionally been flooded.

The rainwater did not find a way out anywhere, as the sewers were covered by a lot of garbage, for that reason hundreds of houses, commercial premises were flooded, in addition to hundreds of vehicles that have been stranded in some streets and avenues, others barely reached raise their cars to the sidewalk but the water level reached them anyway.

Municipal Civil Protection System staff was given the task of assisting people who have been “trapped” in their homes or vehicles, also Mazatlan Fire Department personnel have attended reports to support several people who despite the recommendation of the police of transit they got into the floods and were stuck.

The authorities recommend not exposing oneself to the dangers in flooded avenues and streets and it is not necessary to leave, to remain in their homes or work centers if rainfall continues.

Mexican Army supports citizens

Elements of the Mexican Army were presented to help citizens in the effects caused by heavy rains in the port.

Eighth Infantry Battalion troops in the activity of the DN3 plan helped in places where support was needed in different parts of the city.

They made intense and constant tours throughout the city, led by Colonel David Ruiz Mendoza, commander of the Eighth Infantry Battalion.

The commander coordinated all operations in which the assistance of the militia elements was required in simultaneous operations with Civil Protection.

Source: pmxportal

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