Canada to reshape benefits system for expat seniors


Ottawa — Canada’s estimated three million retired citizens living abroad are on a path to receive improved service from the government when a death occurs.

The federal government will trade, in bulk, information on expat seniors with other countries to save time and money when one of them dies.

Seniors qualify for federal benefits such as old-age security and the Canada Pension Plan, even when they choose to live in other countries.

Details about death have been passed on ad hoc, leading to delays in reporting and incorrect payments the government had to chase down to get back.

But federal officials have started sending and receiving digital files in bulk about beneficiaries to the Netherlands since a two-way agreement was signed in March.

Seniors Minister Filomena Tassi outlined the problem this week.

Employment and Social Development Canada, which is responsible for the file, says it and many other foreign governments are looking to sign more such deals to improve the efficiency of public pension programs.

Source: Canadian Press, Yucatan Expat Life

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