Sinaloa roads in good condition say the Green Angels


* Roads are at 90 percent 
* Durango-Mazatlan, the busiest

The problems that are occurring in the Sinaloa roads during this holiday period are minimal.

During this time of the year the roads of Mazatlán-Durango and Nayarit are the busiest for national tourism, said the Chief of Services of the Green Angels, José Ricardo Picos Quintero.

“We have roads by 90 percent, the entrances to the port of Mazatlan are in good condition,” said Picos Quintero.

Likewise, he pointed out that the heavy rains that are occurring in the mountains are not affecting the infrastructure of the roads.

Picos Quintero called on drivers to drive at the speed indicated in the signs to avoid any accident.

“Many people drive at excessive speed, while intoxicated or using the cell phone and that is not advisable, we are trying to guide them to prevent accidents,” he said.

in an emergency dial 078

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The Mazatlan Post