Mexico: Deported Mexicans Have Job Opportunities Waiting For Them


Mexican officials say they are ready to accommodate deported migrants, following U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s crackdown on illegal aliens.

Mexico’s foreign minister assured potential deportees will not face further legal action once they re-enter Mexico. He also said they will have opportunities to rebuild their lives once they return.

“The Mexicans who are going to be deported are going to find in Mexico an opportunity for a job, and support from the Mexican government. We are expecting something around 1,800 (people) but we are not sure of the figure that’s going to be this week, but we are ready to receive them and offer them jobs and support.”

— Marcelo Ebrard, Foreign Minister – Mexico

ICE officials say all apprehended migrants may be subject to detention before they are approved for deportation.

Source: oann, notimex

The Mazatlan Post