Mazatlan: Cerro de la Vigía looks damaged and neglected


The neighbors of the place are tired of so much vandalism and contamination that is generated in the area

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- “They open their beer and guess where they piss ?: on the street. The whole hill smells of urine, “says a neighbor of Cerro de la Vigia, fed up, like the rest of the inhabitants of this settlement, of the bad smell and the trash that is generated in the area.

The neighbors of this area make a call to the Department of Ecology and the municipal authorities to supervise the place to avoid the accumulation of garbage left by visitors who come to enjoy a pleasant view of the port.

Alwin, a local resident, says he feels tired of people who are not aware of the garbage he generates and the bad image that port gives deplorable attitudes such as basic needs for the streets that lead to the hill, which is also considered by Mazatlecos as a viewpoint.

The invitation

The neighbors argue that in the company of the CROA group of Olas Altas and the Colonos Association of Cerro del Vigía, AC, they have carried out clean-up days.

They have mostly collected glass bottles, straws, and plastic utensils.

For this reason, they call on sellers of these products and citizens, to have more love for the planet and help the environment by not fouling this site.

Source: el debate

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