Mazatlan: Mercado Pino Suarez ask for more Police Patrols


Pino Suarez Mercado suffer the first theft of the season

The tenants of the Pino Suarez Mercado, say they feel vulnerable because the surveillance in charge is a single policeman for the entire precinct and for the lack of surveillance patrols by police officers, they even suffered the first theft in the holiday season; for this reason they ask public security to reinforce the surveillance of the Mercado.

Now that the vacation period has begun and that the flow of tourists and locals has increased to the municipal market, they point out that they need the participation of public security inside and outside the market.

Alejandro Bernal Reyes, President of the union of tenants of the market, spoke on behalf of the union he represents and said that they ask public security to at least reinforce the surveillance of the area during this period, even called if possible to be sent two more policepersons, one is not sufficient.

“I should reinforce the vigilance in the center now during this period,

“Unfortunately in matters of security they’re talking about the Market we only have one policeman for the whole property; A few days ago, merchandise was stolen from a colleague selling clothes … 
We would need 2 more policemen or three, “he said.

He stressed that currently there is a tourist rebound of up to 95%, which qualifies as an ‘excellent’ season as it is only the first days of holidays and they are happy that sales in all areas will increase.

“The vacation period that started out well in the Mercado I cannot say another word more than excellent; Before the start of the holiday period, we saw an important movement of tourists, now we can say that we are at 95%, “he said.

However, he explained that in view of this increase in visitors to the market, vigilance is necessary to avoid that not only the tenants are safe, but also the tourists themselves.

Source: redsinaloa

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