Three Dead and Two Injured in San Miguel de Allende Shooting


During the first minutes of this Sunday, there was a shootout on the Boulevard La Conspiración in San Miguel de Allende, which left two women and one man without life, as well as two more injured women ; Among the deceased there is a teenager, who, unofficially it was known, was a collateral victim of the armed attack.

Last night’s gunshots have left two women and a man dead. Now, dozens of condolence messages are appearing on social media. Before midnight on July 6th, gunshots were reported close to the Jardines neighborhood; apparently, a man was being chased. His pursuers shot him on Boulevard de Los Conspiradores and Avenida Las Américas. They shot 22-year-old Everardo “N” (whose brother was murdered a month ago), multiple times.

During the shooting, four women eating tacos at a nearby taco stand were wounded; Elena Ugalde passed away immediately, three more women were transferred to hospitals. One of the women, Ximena Morales Huerta, died later at the hospital. The municipal government issued a letter of condolence for the families: “The municipal Administration condemns the regrettable events and reiterates its collaboration with the authorities to resolve these events. We reassure our commitment to building the social tranquility and peace that San Miguel aspires to”.

A month earlier a shooting in downtown San Miguel de Allende shocked locals and tourist alike

In broad daylight, a shootout took place on the famous Aldama street, behind the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel, apparently, it was a woman who assaulted passers-by, according to neighbors’ reports.

It was at approximately 5:50 pm on Friday, June 7, 2019, that neighbors and were aware of a tumult of shouting, after listening gunfire. Aldama street is the most touristy and used as a wedding alley.

“It was fast, bam bam and that was it, it just happened, I work here nearby” said a neighbor.

“Well, we were going in the alley and two shots were heard, in Aldama street, with Terraplen” said a person who enjoyed a little street.

“I was there, there was a girl who came from under Aldama, people looked good, throwing someone who was on the sidewalk (…) a man asked me to call 911 which I did (…) the girl It looked well past or drunk (…) the police began to arrive and when I got to the corner of Aldama and quadrant the girl came coming down disheveled and lost (…) the police that was walking towards Aldama, went to When they stopped her she started or insulted and threatened everyone to kill her children and families who did not know who she was, “said one witness of the events.

So, after approximately 20 minutes of gunfire, the police movement was still present.

Source: elsoldelbajio, sanmiguelherald