Museums in Mexico report a decrease in visitors, WHY?


Only 25% of the campuses have Wi-Fi and access conditions for people with disabilities are scarce in 1,086 campuses in the country.

Museums in Mexico report delays and fewer visitors

The museums in Mexico recorded a decrease in the visit of 7.4 million visitors in 2018, compared to 2017, when reporting a total influx of 67.7 million entries that were concentrated in the museum precincts of Mexico City, Nuevo León and Puebla, according to the Statistics of Museums 2018, presented at the weekend by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

The Inegi study, which includes 1,086 museums throughout the national territory, highlights that 55% of the visitors interviewed have higher level education, whose presence increased by 0.1% in 2018, compared to the previous year.

In the report, the Inegi publishes information about the infrastructure and characteristics of the museums, as well as the socio-demographic characteristics of its visitors.

Stresses that most museums in Mexico is dedicated to history (44.2%), followed by those specialized in art (23.1%) and finally to archeology (21.1%).

Of the museums, 33.2% have collections of local representation; 16.6%, state; 18.6%, regional; 20.6%, national, and 11.0%, international. With respect to the year 2017, the local representativeness had an increase of 1.4%, in the rest of the cases, the variation is less than 1 percent.

Lag in infrastructure and decrease in visitors

Of the museums, 86.5% have a guided tours service and 46.7%, with artistic and cultural activities, and in that sense the numbers are very similar to those of 2017. However, in terms of infrastructure for people with disabilities and technology there are delays: only 34.6% of the facilities have infrastructure for people with disabilities; 30.6% have a multipurpose room; 24.1% have a library; 21% have an auditorium; 22.6% with an audiovisual exhibition area and only 25.8% have wifi service.

Regarding access to people with disabilities, the report states that in 39.4% of the campuses there are no conditions for visual access; 62.3% lack support for motor access; 77.3% does not favor auditory access and 82.9% does not contemplate cognitive access.

The report indicates that, during 2018, the museums reported a total influx of 67.7 million visitors , highlighting Mexico City, with 30.5 million in 136 museums, and Nuevo León, with 11.2 million in 45 museums.The total affluence had a decrease of 7.4 million with respect to 2017. The permanence in the museum of 56.2% of the visitors was less than one hour.

He also points out that 56% of museums are free , while 22.7% charge an entrance fee and the remaining 21.3% apply for free only some days of the week.

Most do not attend due to lack of education or diffusion

According to visitors, the main reasons why people do not attend museums are : lack of culture / education (19.5%), lack of dissemination and publicity / ignorance (18.9%) and they are not interested in / lack of motivation / laziness (15 percent). In 2017, the first reason for not visiting the museum was lack of dissemination and publicity (23.3 percent).

Of the visitors, 62% indicated that they live in the state where the museum is located, 33% reside in another state and 5% in another country. The proportions are similar to those of 2017.

Of the visitors, 66.9% reported having received some family stimulus during childhood to visit museums or similar venues, while 32.8% said they had not received it.

Methodological note

To generate this statistic, the Inegi captured information about museums and visitors . Of the first, it gathered information from a total 1,086 precincts on its characteristics, infrastructure, subject matter, availability and permanent collections, capacity of attention, services, personnel employed, annual affluence and entrance fee, among others.

An interview format was applied to visitors in July and October of 2018, to 182,769 visitors aged 13 and over, selected at random. Of the interviews, 53.4% ​​was answered by women and 46.6% by men.

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Source: el economista,

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