Mazatlan authorities ready to take care of tourists


The bodies of aid and security are organized so that the stay of the visitor is safe and well taken care of

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- When launching the operation of security and support for tourists and Mazatlecos, the municipal president Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres stressed that they seek to avoid contingencies by drowning on beaches, road accidents and give a decent treatment to the visitors

Although the first drowned has already been registered, the Security, Transit and lifeguard authorities are ready to attend to the thousands of visitors during this summer.

He ignored

During the meeting in Capta’s offices, the commander of the Aquatic Salvage Squadron, Gonzalo Magallanes, explained that the visitor ignored the recommendations of his companions and the lifeguards who told him not to get into the sea because they were in an inconvenient state.

Before this death, the Mazatlan mayor asks tourists and locals to take care of the recommendations of aquatics to avoid fatal outcomes.

María Astrid Macías Fregoso, director of the Tourist Care and Protection Center (Capta), highlighted that they are attending visitors in the modules they have at the international airport of Mazatlan, Rafael Buelna; in the Hermanas Ciudades park, in the offices of Del Mar Avenue, next to the Sectur, and they will have an itinerant module to be closer to the visitor. 

They have supported them to recover documents, in cases of non-compliance with services and they are guided to do some procedure.


The police chief, Ramiro Lizárraga Medina, stressed that they are very well organized to provide security in all tourist areas.

Without this means neglecting vigilance in the colonies of the city and communities in the rural area. It has the support of the elements of the State Police.

More support

During the meeting, the Secretary of Security and the mayor stressed that tomorrow more motorcycle cops will be delivered to strengthen surveillance.

The breathalyzer will be maintained during the summer vacation period, said Lizárraga. 
They insisted on the recommendation that if alcohol is ingested, it should not be handled.

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