Five plants that will keep your house cockroach FREE!


Most have odors that scare off these types of insects

The cockroach s are the most unwanted insects out there and that always appear in less desirable locations at the most inopportune moments; however, insecticides are not the only solution to keep them at bay, other allies are plants.

The plants that eliminate cockroaches exist and are very effective, Unbelievably, there are some that cockroaches do not support, so it can be your best allies to stop seeing these animals.

1.- Laurel

It is one of the most commonly used herbs in the kitchen, the smell for humans is quite pleasant, but for this plague it is disgusting. So you know what to plant at home if you do not want these friends nearby!

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2.- Basil

In addition to chasing them away, basil is the ideal plant to prevent its spread. You can plant basil in some strategic places and also sprinkle tea on the parts where you have seen them.

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3.- Garlic

It is one of the best plants to scare away any type of plague, but in particular, it is very good to chase cockroaches. The preferred place to have this plant is the kitchen, but in the same way, you can have it wherever you want.

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4.- Cucumber

Incredible as it may seem, the smell of the cucumber is detested by cockroaches, so you can place the shell of this one around your house, in the garden, patio, and others, preventing this plague from approaching your home.

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5.- Menta feluna, catnip

The smell of catnip is 100 times more effective at eliminating cockroaches than the number one chemical repellent in the United States.

Now you know five plants that eliminate cockroaches from your home, the best of all is that it is 100% natural and will not harm the environment. Try it!

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