All aboard! The first luxury Mexican cruise ship is about to set sail


Vidanta Elegant will set sail this autumn and will have 149 cabins and suites that will tour the national coasts.

Grupo Vidanta wants you to have a unique luxury experience at sea through Vidanta Elegant. This will be the first of five ships that will make up the initial fleet of Vidanta Cruises, the first Mexican line of high-end cruises.

Vidanta Elegant will set sail in the fall of 2019 and will have 149 cabins and suites, all with ocean views. The level of service aims to be a reference in the global hospitality industry. Suffice it to say that there will be a personal concierge for each cabin plus a crew member to serve each passenger.

“We set ourselves the task of creating an extraordinary ship: with the magnitude and diversity of a cruise, but at the same time, with the luxury, privacy and exclusivity that distinguishes a mega yacht,” Iván Chávez, vice president said in a conference. Grupo Vidanta executive.

Vidanta Cruises luxury cruise

The facilities of the vessel include eight decks, 11 bars and lounge areas. In addition, full-service spa, state-of-the-art gym, luxury boutiques, swimming pool and Jacuzzis. There will also be restaurants of different specialties and a wide variety of VIP experiences.

In addition, Vidanta Elegant will feature a menu designed by top-level chefs. First, Eric Pansu, named the best chef in France. Also on board Pascal Molines, the best pastry chef in France and world champion.

In search of new horizons

The exclusive adventures will not only be kept aboard Vidanta Elegant, luxury expeditions are also planned in exceptional places in Mexico.

“Thanks to the strategic size and capacity of our ship, we will be able to discover to the travelers hidden gems of our coasts to create the most incredible vacation and cultural experiences that no other cruise ship can offer”, explained Chávez.

The first Mexican line of luxury cruises is born: Vidanta Cruises

Vidanta Elegant has a maximum capacity of 298 passengers, while the industry average is 2,300 people on board. The cruise will only receive passengers over 18 years of age.

Synergy between design and naval engineering

“We force ourselves to create something different. We know that travelers prefer those projects that manage to create a fine intersection between the classic and the contemporary. And just as in the hotel industry emblematic buildings are used to create new spaces, we did exactly the same on the ship, taking advantage of the structure, but reconstructing it completely “.

After acquiring the boat, Grupo Vidanta dismantled and rebuilt it from the hull to carry out a customized renovation with the help of the firm SMC Design, based in London, integrated by experienced naval engineers and architects.

The first Mexican line of luxury cruises is born: Vidanta Cruises

The construction of Vidanta Elegant took 30 months and required an investment of more than 2,700 million pesos. The first part of the project took place in the Mediterranean and the last phase was carried out in Mazatlan, a destination that gave birth to Grupo Vidanta in the seventies.

With construction, safety and sustainability processes endorsed by international bodies, the Grupo Vidanta ship will offer itineraries in the Mexican Sea of ​​Cortés, the Pacific and the Caribbean.

In this way, Vidanta Cruises marks a new milestone in Mexican tourism and the beginning of a national luxury cruise industry. An industry that will offer, for the first time to Mexicans, the possibility of boarding a luxury cruise without the need to travel abroad.

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