“Lost in the Gabacho”, now in Yucatan


Marisa Ramírez Tavera , “youtuber” who became known for her anecdotes as a housewife in the United States, moved her residence to Mérida.

The lawyer by profession with 920,000 followers on Facebook published the change in her networks, with an image of her family on the Malecon in Progreso.

The woman became popular in 2016 when she posted her first video complaining about her husband, “El Guapo”. Then he told other anecdotes about his problems with languages ​​in the United States or his coexistence with the mothers of his children’s companions in that country.

In the last edition of Filey, in March, Marisa Ramírez presented the book “Lost en el gabacho. The joke is j * der. “

With his arrival to reside in the Peninsula, his followers mentioned that now it will be “Lost in Yucatan”. In fact, she has already dedicated a first video where she refers to Yucatechisms as “escarpa” or the term “guide” to refer to the steering wheel of the car.

Source: diario de yucatan

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