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Netflix launches a documentary about Lorena Ramírez, the rarámuri that runs in sandals

Netflix tells us the life of Lorena Ramírez, the rarámuri runner who wins marathons in sandals.

This November 20 Netix premiered the short lm “Lorena, the one with light feet” that is part of the miniseries “Rio Grande, Rio Bravo”. In turn, this series produced by Gael García consists of ve chapters focused on life on the northern border of Mexico.

The Netix chapter dedicated to Lorena Ramírez recounts the life of this marathoner who became famous for breaking stereotypes about athletes. Ramírez was born in 1995, is originally from Guachochi, Chihuahua, and belongs to the Tarahumara or Raramuri ethnic group .

Rarámuris are an ethnic group born to run

Currently, Lorena represents the strong athletic tradition of the rarámuris. However, it is not the first time that corridors of this indigenous people have world exposure. In 1928 two indigenous Chihuahuans were already participating in the Olympics, however, they were not far from winning, because the marathon was too short (42 km). The secret of the rarámuris is the resistance, not the speed; In addition to its diet based on pinole.

A tribute from Netflix

In 2017 Lorena became world-famous after winning first place in the UltraTrail Cerro Rojo; the same that ran without any professional sportswear. Her first participation in a race was in Guagochi and it was her father who encouraged her to compete.

One of the most surprising features of this great athlete is the use of huaraches and traditional indigenous clothing to run, which makes it a symbol of the struggle that Mexican Indians live in wanting to preserve their roots

The 28-minute documentary directed by Juan Rulfo is a tribute to Lorena Ramírez, which shows his biography and daily life, as well as the pride he represents for his community. On the other hand, the short film invites reflection on obstacles and how they can be a tool to fulfill our dreams.

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