Sex tourism routes offered in Mazatlan


Taxi drivers assure that in high season, trips to meeting houses and tables dance by tourists oscillates between 7 and 15 services per unit.

Mazatlan, Sin.- Sex tourism is a practice that for many years developed in this and other destinations in Mexico, more than one can imagine, but is done almost covertly, as Mazatlan is known as a family destination of sun and beach, relaxation and fun, instead of “sex seekers” or “fun XXX”, as taxi drivers who give the service night after night call it.

However, one thing is daytime life in the port, and quite another night activity that begins for a considerable number of tourists in the Golden Zone, on Avenida Del Mar, Olas Altas and the Malecón, and ends until dawn or at dawn in the nightclubs, tables dance, “dive bars” and houses of ill-repute, or looking for the “speakeasy” to continue the party.

In Mexico, there are 600 million annual tourist trips, of which 20 percent, that is, 120 million, are to search for sex, of these 3 million people leave only to seek sex with a minor, according to figures released. at the X Face-to-Face Meeting of the Regional Action Group of the Americas (GARA) held in Mexico City at the end of 2017, with the representation of 11 countries.

The World Tourism Organization, in its Panorama 2018, points out that traveling in order to have sexual relations has become something more common than one can imagine, but warns that it is also an economic stimulus that generates many problems for the destination that practices it, such as poverty, slavery, gender violence, and human trafficking.

Figures from the OTM reveal that in the world 250 thousand tourists travel abroad to have sexual relations with minors, and that illegal sex tourism, together with human trafficking, reports more than 30 billion US dollars of annual benefits.

Here in Mazatlan, six out of 10 pulmonia drivers interviewed say that sex tourism takes place at night, especially in the high season when they serve 7 and up to 15 visitors; three say that they are eventual cases of between 15 and 20 per night in all the pulmonia flotilla, and one affirms that it is not practiced, but recognizes that along, two or three times a year, there are tourists who ask that they take them to the houses of ill-repute or tables dance of the locality.

Among the places most visited by tourists, according to a survey made by El Sol de Mazatlan, are the tables dance Torrandas, La Botana and Hipocampo, as well as the houses of ill-repute The Tamaulipas, La Fonda and Casa Nallely; and there are some who like to follow the early hours of the morning in the Copacabana and the Red Dragon, which are those that remain open until dawn in the zone of tolerance of this city.

And contrary to what is believed, the Mexican tourist is more splendid and generous than the foreigner, if its this type of fun, whether in calling in service, consuming or even in the tipping, according to pulmonia drivers, they are the transport most requested by this type of tourism.

While the Mexican gets to spend between two thousand and five thousand pesos when they go out in groups of 3 to 4 people, the foreigner is more methodical and a planner, since he only spends what he has budgeted: the cost of transportation from two to four hours , that oscillates between one thousand 200 and two thousand pesos, according to the driver and the number of passengers, plus the service of the nightclub, the drinks and the tip that only occurs in some cases.

The most common is that sex tourism solicit the transport service in the Golden Zone, on Del Mar Avenue, and in Olas Altas, after leaving a bar or a nightclub, ask to be transferred to a nightclub, among which They include El Tarrandas, El Hipocampo, and La Botana, others require that they be taken directly to a dating house such as El Tamaulipas, La Fonda or Casa Nallely.

There are those who decide to continue with the party and the revelry, after 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning and they follow him in the Copacabana and the Dragon Rojo, in the red zone of the city.


Experts consider sex tourism as an activity derived from the sexual link between a person “sex seeker” who stays out of his place of residence, in a time longer than 24 hours, and who has a meeting with another person “sex provider” For once, where directly, the monetary exchange and the link is relatively short.

It should be noted that sex tourism does not always involve monetary exchange, but may include exotic travel.

There are those who describe it as the trip whose main motivation is to establish a commercial sexual relationship; others reduce it to the term tourism, whose main motivation is the consumption of commercial sexual relations.

The specialists concluded that sex tourism should be considered as a series of links that involve a legally marginalized form of commercialization (sexual services) within a national industry (entertainment), which essentially depends on it, but with a dynamic function in an international industry (travel).

The sexual tourist is defined as someone who contracts sex with a person, approaching the potential demand in the countries of destination with an ideal environment for sexual activity or sexual encounters.

The specialists clarify that prostitution and sex tourism are closely related, but they are not the same. Sex tourism involves more than a monetary exchange that is usually associated with prostitution, but prostitution can occur without having to make a trip.

With regard to meeting places, studies reveal that initial contact with male tourists is sometimes carried out by the sex worker in various establishments such as restaurants, bars, and brothels, to name a few. However, the first contact is usually made in a disco.

On the street, the initial contact is often made by a person who handles them, who approaches the tourist and asks directly the national or foreign visitor if he is interested in meeting any woman.

In the case of the transport service, the drivers recognize that in the great majority of cases, it is the tourist who asks for the service, but there are cases in which they suggest it, depending on the circumstances and the demand of their passengers.


Drivers of Pulmonias coincide in pointing out that this type of tourism is the one that leaves them better earnings, since while in the morning and afternoon shift they have to make between 15 and 20 trips to get from 800 to 1,500 pesos, without discounting the gasoline; At night, with 7 to 15 trips, you earn between two thousand and three thousand pesos.

There are cases in which in a single trip of this type they charge from one thousand 200 to two thousand pesos, since the accompaniment lasts up to four hours. Then add the commissions that the nightclubs give them for taking passengers to those places, plus the tip that tourists give them at the end of the trip.

While Ignacio “N” ensures that in high season there are 7 to 15 trips of this type that are offered per night, each unit; Gustavo “N” refers that in total throughout the flotilla of pneumonia, will be between 15 and 20 trips; in his case, he adds, he has managed to provide sexual tourists with three or four services a year.

For his part, Lorenzo says that a taxi driver from the Golden Zone can make up to 8 trips of this kind, mainly to Senior Americans, who are the ones who request this service the most.

In the case of a taxi driver, the charge is 1,500 per trip, plus the tip, not counting the commission given to him by the appointment house.


Don Nacho has been working in public transport for over 30 years, he says that at night Mazatlan is another dynamic, as many of the tourists “hold the bottler” and pure drink and drink, the classic they always hear is: ” turn up the volume on the music! “, And more if it’s a Tambora.

He says that the national tourist likes to go to where there is Tambora live, mainly to the clubs that are around the Golden Zone, and a minority to the Historical Center.

Drunk, one or the other wants to go to the dating houses and the others continue until they run out of money until they get tired until they close the Discos at 4:00 in the morning and from there they look for the after hour bars

Don nacho

There are cases that ask them to accompany them all night, but the average is one to two hours.

“A minority will continue till they run out of money; the Mexican tourist are more splendid than the foreigner, even if they wake up without a penny, and at dawn, they check their pockets and not a penny, they stick their head against the wall, “he said.

On the contrary, the foreigners, he added, are very methodical: “They bring their feathers and their paper, all about their plans, their Methodism, they do not spend a lot more unless they are drunk, so yes, but it is rare that you see a drunk foreigner. “

He points out that the Mexican spends more than the North American in the nocturnal adventures.

“If you go with a Mexican group in a pulmonia, 3 or 4, they spend from two thousand to five thousand pesos, including everything, women, transportation, drink; from two to 4 hours, if it was 4 hours of transport, it would be one thousand 200, it is the price stabilized by public transport inspectors, one or the other goes out of the normal price, it can go up to two thousand pesos … The national does not tip, it is rare , but the foreigner does, some up to 20 dollars, depending on the deal. “

In addition to the payment for transport, he adds, in restaurants, hotels, appointment houses, catamarans and even jewelries, they are given a commission, according to the sales or the service provided to their passengers.

“They give one of 15 to 20 percent of the total sale, in the restaurants they give tips whether they are national or foreign, if it is a total of food between 4 people, about two thousand pesos, they give you about 200 pesos, and if the foreigner spent the same, the foreigner will give about 300 pesos; in the houses of ill-repute, some give 200 pesos per person, in other 170, it is the commission that is earned, just multiply the commission for those who go, “he said.


Luis Mariano Ortega Vizcarra , president of the Transport Front of Mazatlan, does not see this port as a destination for sexual tourism, but rather as a sun and beach destination suitable for family, relaxation and fun.

“I do not think it’s for Mazatlan’s to offer that kind of tourism, I do not know what’s going on; rather, I see Mazatlan as a destination for fun, culture, with great cuisine and in recent times, Mazatlan has also been attractive for health tourism, but from there to people say, let’s go to Mazatlan to have a few days of fun or sex tourism, the truth is that I do not perceive it that way, “he said.

However, he points out that if the tourist comes and asks them to go anywhere, the carrier gives him the service that they require.

“If they tell us: ‘take us to La Botana or the tables or nightclubs’, we go and take them; we give the service to the people, “he said.

He even warns that this destination has been losing its nightlife little by little, so he said it is necessary to further diversify the offer of nightclubs and bars to reactivate the destination in that regard.

We have to be very tolerant with tourism, to generate the spaces that they require and need so that they have a space, a safe recreation, without affecting the life of the Mazatlecos

Luis Mariano Ortega Vizcarra

Hence, he regretted the cancellation of the visits of the Spring Breakers to this destination and now the rejection of events such as Moto Week, which was about to be suspended this year by the municipal government.

He also commented that discos have been disappearing as an important attraction of Mazatlan, compared to other destinations that highlight the area of ​​bars and discos, such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco.

“It is one more attraction of the destination, the party, the beach, the lights, we have to search to generate these spaces for tourism. You have to take good care of the destination, there must be excellent public services and we are talking about cleaning and services, security and lighting and drinking water, too, “he added.

And he reiterated, Mazatlan is not a place for sex tourism and less for child sex tourism.


800 to 1,500 PESOS a pulmonia driver wins by doing between 15 and 20 trips during the day.

2,000 to 3,000 PESOS wins a pulmonia driver in 7 to 15 trips during the night.

FROM 170 to 200 PESOS is the commission that delivers a house of appointments to a driver of public transport for each passenger that it carries.


The Tamaulipas

La Fonda

Nallely House

Paradise Massage




The snack


Dragon Rojo



Golden Zone

Olas Altas

Historical Center

The Marina


600 million annual tourist trips are made in the country.

120 million trips in Mexico are to search for sex

3 million people leave only to seek sex with a minor.

SOURCE: X Face-to-face Meeting of the Regional Action Group of the Americas (GARA), 2017.


The tourism industry as a facilitator:

-Family holidays

– Backpackers


-Single singles

-Sexo or romance as a travel motivator

-Spring Breakers

– Commercial sex

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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