First ladies from Guatemala and Honduras visit the border between Mexico and the US


They ask the migrants to evaluate the risks on the route to the border between Mexico and the United States, in addition to not traveling with children, because it does not guarantee the income

Guatemala’s first ladies , Patricia Marroquín de Morales, and Honduras , Ana García de Hernández, visited the border between Mexico and the United States accompanied by the US Secretary of Homeland Security , Kevin McAleenan, authorities in Washington reported Saturday.

The first ladies, along with officials from the governments of their countries and the interim commissioner of the Office of Customs and Border Protection ( CBP), John Sanders, made a tour last Thursday for the sector of the Rio Grande Valley, detailed in a The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) communicated.

McAleenan said, quoted in the statement, that this week “delegations from Guatemala and Honduras could see first-hand the humanitarian crisis and security on the border.”


The First Lady of Honduras highlighted the importance of working “hand in hand with the US Government to identify the flow of irregular immigration, analyze the incentives for migration and create conditions of support and welfare for people in the countries of the Northern Triangle. , so that these families can build their future in their own nations. “

For its part, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala, Sandra Jovel, said, in a video posted on his Twitter and cited in the statement, that the processes to enter the US with children “are much longer and also endangering of the lives of their children and their lives. “

“A call to the Guatemalans: please, also know that it is not a guarantee that they come with the children, it is not a guarantee that they can enter the United States if they come with children,” he added.

The Minister of Government Relations of Guatemala, Enrique Antonio Degenhart, and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Honduras, María D. Agüero, among other officials, also made part of the committees, added the press release.

Arrests of migrants on the border with Mexico increase

On June 5, the CBP revealed that the arrests in May rose to 132,887, above those of March and April, when 92,840 and 99,304 arrests were recorded, respectively.

Of these immigrants, a total of 11,507 unaccompanied minors were arrested by the US authorities, while 84 thousand 542 were family members and 36 thousand 838, adults alone.

The arrests of family members (defined by the authorities as individuals accompanied by a minor, a parent or legal guardian) had the greatest increase, going from 58,724 people in April to 84,42 in May.

Source: publimetro

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