Mexico will invest 100 million dollars in Central America as part of the Development Plan


Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard explained that the resources for this project will come from the Yucatán Fund that the federal administration has.

The federal government will invest 100 million dollars in Central America as part of the Development Plan for Central America, Marcelo Ebrard, secretary of Foreign Affairs, announced Friday.

“Yesterday, with the meeting with the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, the largest cooperation program that Mexico has ever undertaken with Central America was launched, and 100 million dollars will be invested to implement the program” Sembrando Vida ‘, or a very similar program, in El Salvador and later in Guatemala and Honduras, “he explained.

On Thursday, it was reported that as part of the expansion of that program in El Salvador, $ 30 million will be invested.

The foreign minister said that the resources for this project will be taken from the Yucatán Fund and will be channeled through the Mexican Cooperation Agency.

“The resources of the Yucatan Fund, approved in the Budget of the Federation, approved by all the political forces, will be used The Yucatan Fund is for investments in Central America, we are going to exercise it because what is the use of having it there,” he said.

On June 12, the Foreign Relations Secretary affirmed that this fund has 2 billion pesos.

Source: el financiero

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