Mazatlan public transport units refuse to respect signage in the City Center


The Municipal Transit commander, Francisco Guerra Martínez, said that they will continue to issue sanctions if they do not respect the signage and the blue spaces exclusively for people with disabilities.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Despite having made changes in traffic logistics on Benito Juárez Street, the public transport of the port continues disrespecting the signage and exclusive spaces for people with disabilities, this was announced by the Municipal Transit commander, Francisco Guerra Martínez, who said that there are certain days that there is tolerance for the arrival of cruise ships, but other days no.

“Every day about 15 violations are made to public transport vehicles, when we agree that the public service providers that are installed by the Aquiles Serdán or Cathedral by the Benito Juárez, it is only the cruise ship days, that leeway is given so the tourist visit the historic part of the Mazatlan Center, “he said.


“The violators are pulmonias, taxis, aurigas and private vehicles

He commented that the days that cruise ships do not arrive up to 45 units a day are ticketed, especially for not respecting the parking spaces for people with disabilities.

Source: reaccion informativa

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