Survey: Increased citizen rejection of migrants in Mexico and growing support for the closure of the border


The percentage of Mexicans surveyed that considers that their country should close its border to migration went from 54 to 63 percent, according to a survey conducted by El Financiero.

63 percent of respondents in a survey conducted by El Financiero believe that the Mexican government should close the border to migrants , this is nine points more than what had been registered two weeks ago, with 54 percent.

In contrast, 35 percent believe that migrants have to be supported and facilitated through the national territory. Thus the public opinion after the negotiations between the representatives of the governments of Mexico and the United States.

According to the survey, 68 percent agree with sending the National Guard to the southern border to deal with migrants, while 29 percent disagree with that measure, which is one of the points of the agreement between the governments of Mexico and the United States to stop the application of tariffs to Mexican products.

Survey conducted by El Financiero.

This majority support for the deployment of the National Guard to the southern border contrasts, however, with a widespread belief that President Donald Trump will not respect the agreements with the Mexican government: the survey reveals that 64 percent of those consulted believe that Trump will not respect the agreements with Mexico, compared to 31 that he believes will respect them. The same agreements established a period of 45 days to review the progress.

Survey conducted by El Financiero.

According to the survey, 16 percent of those interviewed believe that the negotiation with the United States to deactivate the tariffs that would take effect this month was a success for the country, while 22 percent considered it a failure. But most do not qualify them as one or the other but are still waiting for the results that this can bring: 57 percent say it remains to be seen if the negotiation was successful or not.

In this regard, 52 percent believe that the Mexican government acted with dignity in the negotiations with the United States, while 41 percent is of the opinion that the government of Mexico doubled before that country in the negotiation.

Survey conducted by El Financiero.

In relation to the measures that could occur these days with respect to Central American migrants, Mexican public opinion shows a strong-arm attitude: according to the survey, 75 percent of those consulted agree that Mexico should deport the migrants illegally entering the national territory , compared to 21 percent who disagree with the deportation.

Sixty-seven percent agree to militarize the southern border to stop migration to the United States, versus 31 percent who disagree. In turn, the majority rejects that Mexico serves as a stay for migrants awaiting immigration procedures in the United States: according to the survey, 36 percent do agree that Mexico accepts that migrants who arrive at the northern border remain in our national territory until their asylum requests in the United States are resolved, while 60 percent do not agree.

Methodology : National survey conducted by telephone to 410 adult Mexicans from June 14 to 16. A probabilistic sampling of residential telephones was done in the 32 states. With a confidence level of 95%, the margin of error of the estimates is +/- 4.8 percent.

Source: El Financiero

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