They will hold the ‘Federalism and Security’ Forum in Mazatlan Today


MAZATLÁN.- The Second Regional Forum of Mexican Constitutional Federalism will take place, Mazatlan Headquarters, with the name of “Federalism and Security”, organized by Network Associated Newspapers (

The forum will be held at the Mazatlan International Center (Convention Center), it is reported in a press release.

The inauguration will be at 10:00 hours, and at 10:30 hours the first part will begin, then there will be a break, and at 12:10 hours the second part will begin.

In the first part, Ricardo Monreal Ávila, senator and president of the Political Coordination Board will participate; Imelda Castro Castro, senator of the Morena parliamentary group; Mario Zamora Gastélum, senator of the PRI; José María Serna, from the Institute of Legal Research of the UNAM; and Enrique Inzunza Cázarez, magistrate president of the Supreme Court of Justice of Sinaloa. The moderator will be Rigoberto Ocampo Alcántar, columnist for El Debate and undersecretary of Upper and Upper Secondary Education of the Government of the State of Sinaloa.

In the second part will be Damián Zepeda Vidales, senator of PAN; Eduardo Ramírez Aguilar, senator of the Morena parliamentary group; Alejandro Madrazo Lajous, research doctor of the Drug Policy Program of the CIDE Central Region and of the Legal Studies Division; and Gonzalo Armienta Hernández, researcher at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa. The moderator will be Ernesto Velázquez Briseño, coordinator of the Advisory Council of El Universal.

At 13:40 hours will be the closing of the Second Forum “Federalism and Security”.

Those invited to this forum are media executives: Juan Francisco Ealy Ortiz, of El Universal; Juan Francisco Ealy Lanz Duret, from El Universal; Don Carlos Álvarez del Castillo, from El Informador; Miguel Valladares, from Pulso de San Luis; Antonio González Karg, from El Siglo de Torreón; Alfonso González Karg, from El Siglo de Torreón; Juan F. Healy L., from El Imparcial de Hermosillo; Carlos R. Menéndez Losa, from El Diario de Yucatán; and Luis Javier Salido Artola, from El Debate.

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