The definitive guide on the new telephone dialing system in Mexico


Goodbye to doubts

From August 3, we will release a new telephone dialing in Mexico, with which we will eliminate some prefixes such as 01, 044 or 045, that is, to call a number we will only have to type 10 numbers, regardless of whether we talk to Tijuana’s aunt or cousin who lives in another colony.

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Although this change is quite simple, it is important to take into account some things so that we do not fall into confusion, especially with emergency numbers and national and international calls.

What should I know about the new telephone dialing in Mexico?

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The first thing you have to take into account is that this dialing will not mean any extra cost in the calls, nor will you have to change your telephone equipment or perform any procedure ( ). As of August 3, all of us will be able to use this new dialing, according to the Federal Institute of Telecommunications .

How will it work in …?

  • Local calls:  as of that date, all numbers will be 10 digits, so in the CDMX, for example, you will have to add the long distance key to the local fixed numbers. Go to an example: 55-1234-5678. As you can see, all you have to do is add a 55 to the number you already make.
  • Cell phone calls: forget to dial 044 to call your local cell phones and 045 to call those in another state of the Republic. Now you only have to dial 10 digits. Instead of pressing 04455-1234-5678, you will have to dial 55-1234-5678.
  • National calls: no matter if you call from a cell phone or landline, you will not have to dial 01. It will be enough to include the long distance key and the local number of the national fixed number.
  • International calls: if you are calling from abroad to a mobile number in Mexico you will no longer have to add “1” to the dialing (it will no longer be 52-1-33-123-456-78 but 52-33-123-456-78 ). In the case of calls from Mexico abroad, the dialing will not have any change.
  • Emergency numbers and services: they will not have any change. You will continue marking them as up to now, that is, 066, 911 and all those you already know.

After August 3, you will have to use the new dialing; However, some telephone companies (not all) will allow a period of coexistence, in which you can use the old one or the new one (only for a time).

The idea is that we all use the new dialing from that day, but, as we know that there may be a failure, the best thing is that if you see that something is not working as you should get in touch with the phone company you have contracted .

If they do not solve your problem, go to the page . What do you think about the new telephone dialing in Mexico?

Source:  Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones ,

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