Migrants accuse of being attacked by gunfire in Mexico


VERACRUZ.- A group of Salvadorans was reportedly attacked by gunmen in Veracruz, according to a migrant defense organization.

In that altercation, which occurred on Friday, a 19-year-old girl was killed and two men were wounded by bullets.

This event would be the first registered in the country, after the operation agreed with the United States to stop illegal migration.

It would be the first mortal victim of the integral plan to contain the migration “, wrote the activist Rubén Figueroa, of the organization Movimiento Migrante Mesoamericano, in his Twitter account.

“The hunting of migrants on the southern border intensifies, elements of the Mexican Army carry out patrols on roads, gaps and paths that are used by migrants in their attempt to evade immigration checkpoints,” he added.

Source: elimparcial

The Mazatlan Post