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Thousands celebrate LGBT pride march in Durango

The traditional march of the LGBT community made the streets of the city filled with festivity, music, and color last Saturday.

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Saturday, the traditional LGBT pride march took place in Durango, which started from  November 20 until arriving at the Plaza de Armas, where a musical show was presented.

Thousands of participants participated, the city was filled with festivity, light music, and color with banderillas, banners, makeup, and glamor.

It should be noted that with these activities, the community seeks to make the population visible its presence, its problems, and it’s needs, so that it can eradicate homophobia, promote social tolerance and the defense of human rights.

They also attended families who came to support. Mothers, children, and young people gathered to watch the parade go by.

“It is a festive, peaceful and proud march, so we hope the citizens’ understanding”, they pointed out.

They argued that they regret that equality marriage is not legislated just because it bothers society, even though for their respective partners it means protection and security.

The final presentation was by Jesús Salinas, an impersonator of Juan Gabriel.

There were no reported incidents of violence and stressed that every time there is greater tolerance among the capital.

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