Culiacan LGBT Pride march confirmed for November 6th


Among the personalities invited to the parade will be the Sinaloan vlogger El Viscocho, “I am an ally of the community, always present, supporting,” said the influencer

CULIACÁN.- Although the LGBT Pride March is traditionally held in June, given the third wave of COVID-19 infections that occurred during those days, the event had to be postponed on different occasions, however, if it was It will take place in 2021 and it will be this Saturday, November 6, when the colorful demonstration takes place through the streets of the city, as mentioned by Elvira Zamudio, the Sinaloan vlogger who gives life to El Viscocho, one of the personalities invited to the parade.

“They are going to be shocked by the way I am going to get there, I am going to arrive from Paris as they have never seen me before, and the best thing is in what I am going to parade because I am going to parade, you know that I am an ally of the community always present, always supporting ”.

Dressed as Barbie on top of a pink Volkswagen Beetle car, she is how El Viscocho will surprise the people of Sinaloa during the march, this being the second time she will perform to support the LGBT community.

“They always ask me, hey Viscocho, but if you’re not gay, why? And what have you got? You don’t need to be gay to be supporting, heterosexual is always supporting the community and I will always be there to give my best to support them ”.

It will be at 5 o’clock in the afternoon when the event begins, departing from La Lomita to the Sinaloan Institute of Culture, formerly known as Difocur.


The Mazatlan Post