Vanity grows between the Sinaloans


The Ministry of Economy reveals that this year the credits to establish businesses with sale of healthy food, gyms and sportswear stores have shot up due to the increase in demand

Sinaloa is considered one of the three states in the country with the most beautiful women, but also the vainest, this characteristic is not only attributed to them but it also among men according to the Ministry of Economy of the State Government.

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Morayma Yaseen Campomanes, Undersecretary of Economic Planning of the state agency revealed that during this year have triggered the requests of credit for establishment of business with healthy food , gyms , shops of sportswear , from cosmetics and even organic farms , all due to growth in the interest of sinaloenses to achieve a life more healthy and better physical appearance .

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The state official indicated that the fitness culture is so in vogue, that it is now the biggest turnaround among the new entrepreneurs supported through Red Fosin , an instance through which the entity has been able to authorize more than 4 thousand 400 credits, with a global stock of 646 million pesos dispersed throughout the organization, concentrating 19 percent of them in Mazatlan, with more than 80 million pesos corresponding to 852 projects of MSME .

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Yaseen Campomanes said that the Ministry of Economy constantly studies the markets to verify the success that new businesses can have in each of the requested turns and in this way advise entrepreneurs, being the healthy culture and fitness life those who are in ‘vogue’.

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