Mazatlan police are targeted to receive a better salary


The mayor said that they analyze the issue and how much the increase could provide in the future, but they estimate it to be fair, based on their work, for the time workers in the area of ​​cleaning and Public Works had a salary increase of two thousand pesos

Mazatlan, Sin.-  The government of Mazatlán will increase the salary to the municipal police, since for the work they do their payment is very low, for that reason they work to define how much the increase would be, since they can not spend more than the budget announced Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres. 

The first authority in the municipality said that to make this change are only waiting for the presentation of the Municipal Development Plan 2019, which will be on June 25, and based on it define the figure that police elements receive as salary , which is the most fair.

“We will also do it with the police at the time, we are preparing based on the budget we have, because we can not get out of the budget. It is a fact that we are going to increase what we do not know is the figure. We have not defined it yet, but that’s what we’re about. “

Based on the work performed by some of the workers of the current administration, as is the personnel of the cleaning and Public Works area, they received a salary increase of two thousand pesos, leaving a total of 5 thousand pesos per month. Munícipe.  

“Those that we have increased have been the ones that earned less, that is the majority in cleanliness and cleanliness and in Public Works, is where there are more workers. It is a very considerable amount, because to earn 3 thousand and today you earn 5 thousand pesos a month, the truth is many exemplary workers “. 

Benitez Torres argued that the salary increase is due to savings and that will be for the benefit of people who do a good job since what they seek is to support the workers of trust, as well as unionized, can receive fair payments.

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