Mazatlan city employees pick up 30 tons of garbage on Avenida Manuel Clouthier


720 City workers participate in a day of cleaning

In the first day of clean-up carried out by trusted and unionized workers of the Municipal Government, 30 tons of waste were lifted in a section of 4.68 kilometers from Manuel Clouthier Avenue in this city.

The Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, Gabriela Peña Chico, President of DIF Mazatlán and Luis Antonio González Olague, Director of Municipal Public Services, were the leaders in the task in which about 720 municipal employees participated, distributed in eight brigades. 
González Olague said that during three hours, the workers raised debris such as plastic, clothing, footwear, branches, tires, armchairs, remains of dead animals, glass, electronic devices, and had the support of shovels, brooms, trash bags, four collection trucks, two trascabos and a tractor.

Prior to the start of the cleanup, the Chemist thanked the employees of all the municipal councils and paramunicipals, for joining forces to improve the image of Mazatlan, where the waves break, and invited the public to join this type of actions . 

“That is the idea, that the citizen joins, but not in this campaign that we are going to undertake now, I ask everyone to clean the area of ​​your home, to all citizens, not to take out the garbage until go to the truck, because there are people who take it a day before and gives a bad image as a tourist destination, “he said.

Source: pmxportal

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